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Monday, May 20, 2013

A clogged toilet, a very rainy horse show, and a scrapbook paper freebie

There is a scrapbook paper freebie below so if you want to avoid reading about clogged toilets just scroll down...

I probably shouldn't even be posting this but I wanted to share the pain...

The toilets in my house are clogged at least once per day.  It used to be toys that took the plunge, but unfortunately it is still happening.  Our toilets are awful.  They are the original ones that came with the house, and in defense of my family, the toilets are so bad they have a hard time flushing water.  Certain people here are also overly generous with the TP (I use Quilted Northern just in case you'd like to buy company stock).
...I wanted to document the fact that I spend at least some time each day with a plunger in my hands, and sometimes more than once.  This scrapbook page highlights a particularly epic day ~


I think I've said enough on that subject. 

A very wet horse show: 

My barn has a horse show about once a year and most of the time it rains.  It was a fun day though.  The kids had a blast and were so cute in their riding clothes, and all of the ponies behaved.  

...it is a fact that sometimes ponies like to upstage the kids on show day and get a little naughty.  Naughty and ponies are synonymous.

They also had an adult rider division.  We had a total of two entries.  Me and Sally*

*name changed to protect her reputation

I won two classes, "Sally" won two classes - so we were both happy.  Kind of like kindergarten where everybody wins.

There was supposed to be a "basket of cheer" for the overall winner...which we would have split...but whoever was in charge forgot to buy the "cheer".  

I got the best job of all at the show though - I got to give out the ribbons!

Finally...the Freebie!!! 

I'm learning how to make patterns, and this is one of my more successful attempts.  

Three really pretty (I think) papers to play with.

Download them here from my Deviant Art site (just look on the bottom of the page for the "download file" button on the lower right  ----->GET PAPERS 


  1. Looks like you are having weather like us. It has been pouring for 24 hours. The horse show sounds fun, though!

    1. It was Heather, and I hope the weather has cleared up near you!

  2. Congrats on both your wins and your plumber abilities! We finally broke down and bought new toilets about a year ago, and oh my - the difference! It's totally worth it:)
    Love the beautiful floral designs! A horse rider and a designer - you're quite talented! Found you via Etsy's Blog Team:)

    1. :-D I think new toilets are on the list...thanks for visiting!!!

  3. You're definitely not alone in having a clogged toilet adventure! I called it adventure just to make it sound fun and eliminate the stress I felt. A clogged toilet is the most common problems in our household, especially if there are kids involve. Sometimes I saw my daughter's crayons on it or my son army soldier; it's different everytime. Anyway, those ribbons are so cute, I wish I could get one! LOL!

    --->Levi Eslinger

  4. Love your scrapbook page, LOL, the best artists do work that is really close to their heart or part of their lives....it really is interesting seeing a reality of your life. I really do feel your pain, it must be so frustrating. Lovely papers. Must have been fun giving out ribbons though and terrific about Sally's and your wins.