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Friday, October 4, 2013

Freebie Halloween Background, Excuses, Horse Stuff

I'd love to go on about why I haven't been writing over the summer and use just about every excuse that I can think of but instead I'll just keep it short and say "I forgot".

I spent the summer making digital stuff for my Etsy shop and riding my horse.  That sounds like fun but it was also fit in between the usual cooking, laundry, errands, kid stuff, and feeling guilty about not cleaning my house.

I hope that you had a wonderful summer, and hopefully tended your blogs a bit better than I did!

For those who don't really want to hear about my horse I'll start with the Halloween Freebie :-)

 Click here to download the zip file

The zip contains the four 5 inch x 7 inch backgrounds - 300 dpi, and commercial use is fine with me.

Now to the horses!

Hombre isn't really mine, but I've been leasing him a while and we both get along really well.  He's 30 (or around there) years old and is in amazing shape for his age!  He still jumps, goes to shows with me, and is just the most gentlemanly horse you'll ever meet.

 One of my friends took this picture this week.  He's so funny, he always wants to show his good side when somebody holds up a camera.  

I love this guy!

My kids won't let me talk about them or post pictures so you get the horse pictures...

I'll try to be back soon with more free stuff, I've got a backlog since I "forgot" to update this blog!

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