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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Small town Memorial Day, Horse Picture and a Butterfly Freebie!

Memorial Day ~

I hope that everybody had a nice Memorial Day weekend!  We were lucky, the weather was cool but beautiful.

Our town is pretty small but we have a parade every year!  Here are some pictures:

This guy was from the Historical Society and I have no idea why he was pulling a dollhouse...

Some of the Society all dressed up

A man from the VFW gave a really touching speech about how we should focus more on helping our returning vets.  

It was a nice hometown parade and a fine tribute to our troops!

Horse Picture of the Day ~

It was pretty rainy today.  Jay walked up to see me because he knows that I always have carrots in my pocket...

Butterfly Freebie! ~

This is from one of those old fruit crate labels.  It comes as a no background .png file that you can download from my Deviant Art site.  Just click on the link to to to my site then look down the right hand side of the page until you see the "Download Image" button.  

I erased the background by hand so there may be one or two stray pixels, but you can just erase them :-)  Hope that you have fun with it!!!

Download the image here ------->**Butterfly Download**


Monday, May 20, 2013

A clogged toilet, a very rainy horse show, and a scrapbook paper freebie

There is a scrapbook paper freebie below so if you want to avoid reading about clogged toilets just scroll down...

I probably shouldn't even be posting this but I wanted to share the pain...

The toilets in my house are clogged at least once per day.  It used to be toys that took the plunge, but unfortunately it is still happening.  Our toilets are awful.  They are the original ones that came with the house, and in defense of my family, the toilets are so bad they have a hard time flushing water.  Certain people here are also overly generous with the TP (I use Quilted Northern just in case you'd like to buy company stock).
...I wanted to document the fact that I spend at least some time each day with a plunger in my hands, and sometimes more than once.  This scrapbook page highlights a particularly epic day ~


I think I've said enough on that subject. 

A very wet horse show: 

My barn has a horse show about once a year and most of the time it rains.  It was a fun day though.  The kids had a blast and were so cute in their riding clothes, and all of the ponies behaved.  

...it is a fact that sometimes ponies like to upstage the kids on show day and get a little naughty.  Naughty and ponies are synonymous.

They also had an adult rider division.  We had a total of two entries.  Me and Sally*

*name changed to protect her reputation

I won two classes, "Sally" won two classes - so we were both happy.  Kind of like kindergarten where everybody wins.

There was supposed to be a "basket of cheer" for the overall winner...which we would have split...but whoever was in charge forgot to buy the "cheer".  

I got the best job of all at the show though - I got to give out the ribbons!

Finally...the Freebie!!! 

I'm learning how to make patterns, and this is one of my more successful attempts.  

Three really pretty (I think) papers to play with.

Download them here from my Deviant Art site (just look on the bottom of the page for the "download file" button on the lower right  ----->GET PAPERS 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Laundry disasters, a horse picture, and a scrapbook freebie

Our laundry room is tiny.  There isn't room for anything but the washer, dryer, a deep sink, and a flimsy little wire shelf on the wall.  We've lived here for at least 10 years and ever since we moved in I've been asking hubby dearest for a real cabinet with doors that you can close to keep the bottles and boxes from falling on your head whenever the dryer is on.

We have a water alarm on the floor - a tiny battery operated sensor that squeals at a decibel level of about 1200 if moisture is so much as a hint in the air (we've had a few washer floods).  It is a seriously horrible sound.

The dryer was on today and I was loading the washer.  The wall must have been vibrating and a bottle of floor soap was silently making it's way to the very edge of the shelf, decided to dive off and smack on top of the water sensor.  The thing went off sounding like about a hundred chipmunk sized sirens.  Scared the crap out of me!  Floor soap is all over the place, soaking into the alarm, of course I slipped on the soap and went down hard on my butt...all the time trying to turn the flipping little thing off.

I ended up throwing it into the garage just to get away from the noise.  I can still hear it out there while I type.  If hubby doesn't buy me a cabinet...just one of those small white ones from Home Depot is fine...he's going to be sleeping in the garage with that dang alarm.

Horse picture (a much better subject):  Hombre is really bothered by gnats so I bought him a fly mask that covers his ears, eyes, and nose.  He wore it today.  Makes him look like Darth Vader.

The Freebie!!!!!

I made these over the weekend - I love making Halloween images and needed some blank grungy tags.  I hope that you can use them!!

**These are .png no background files so you don't have to worry about erasing anything!

You can download them either from (click here--->)  SugarSync or my (click here--->) Deviant Art

Stat bots...beware

I just learned something interesting.  When you look at your blog stats have you noticed sites like vampirestat, zombiestat, or uglystat?  It makes sense that they're bots since I don't think anybody behind something called zombiestat would be interested in scrapbooking stuff.  Just don't ever click on them to see what they are because all they will do is flash ads in your face and I've also heard that they can infect your computer with some god-awful virus (reports of people who have caught bad stuff from checking these "stat" sites out).

The only reason I mention this is because I was checking the "new blog" stats last night and was amazed that I had so many visits...

...the depressing fact is that most of them were from bots, so just be careful and keep your computer safe!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Welcome to the new blog! Free Scrapbook Paper Set - Freebie!

Free Digital Scrapbook papers - scroll down (just in case you don't want to read all of this stuff) -

I used to have a blog that I never updated and it was pretty awful so I deleted it and decided to start all over.  

My name is Ms. Rabbit (not really but I like a little privacy) and I'm a mom of 2 boys.  I'd call myself a stay at home mom but they are older now and I don't have to stay home as much.  Actually a work at home mom is closer to the truth.  I make and sell digital images to fund my horse habit.  

Speaking of horses, I talk about them a lot.  I lease a big chestnut guy right now named Hombre.  He's tall (I'm tall too) and used to race - at least I think he did.  We call him the "roadrunner" because once he gets going he kind of doesn't stop.

That's him making a kissy face-

My kids are teenagers.  They crack me up all the time.  My youngest has survived on nothing but chicken tenders and pizza since he was two.  We think he's going to marry the little girl next door who only eats chicken tenders too.  Yes...he takes vitamins and I sneak healthy stuff in when and wherever I can.  It's an ongoing situation.

My oldest is driving age but still wants mom to be his chauffeur.  That is just fine with me.  He is a computer geek and is bent on world domination.  

I'd post a picture of my kids but they don't want me to.

Hubby?  Well, I'm not going to say anything about him. He'll probably read this.

Ok, so besides writing about life I also want to promote my digital work.  There will be an obnoxious banner thing from Etsy so if you want to buy something you can click there.

Otherwise I really love making stuff for people to have fun with so I'm hoping to post lots of freebies.  Here's the first one (actually I made it a few weeks ago)

To get this freebie please click here:  Peachy Papers Download

This will take you to SugarSync where you can download the zip file that contains all 8 of the Peachy Papers - hope that you have fun with them!

I also need followers desperately - and I promise I'll follow back!